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Who are we?

We are the team of specialists, worked at different projects of the biggest Russian publishers, such as games@mail.ru, Nikita online and 4game. We are highly experienced in publish, promotion and localization of online game projects in Russia and CIS. Our specialists worked in such cult online games as Lineage II, Point Blank, Aion, Rappelz and TERA Online.

Why BPGames?


Responsible approach to any chosen project and orientation to quality are the main characteristics of our work on any project.


Work on each project is the desire for an ideal. Starting from localization and up to the beta testing phase, we do not miss a single detail, bring the work to perfection.


Online project s it’s users. That’s why we are always extremely attentive to the requests and opinions of the online community of each of our projects.


The success of any of our projects is provided by technical equipment, stable operation of servers and the possibility of uninterrupted access to them in 24/7 mode.


Heads of all departments of the company participate in the workflow at all stages of promotion and publication of the project, monitoring and directing the work of each employee of the company.


Continuously moving forward, we're not resting on our laurels and are constantly reaching new heights. Continuous development and improvement - this is our credo.

Work stages

Searching of a project

Search for new projects, careful study of upcoming projects and selection of the most promising and interesting one.

Get acquainted with the project

Our specialists get directly acquaintance with the selected project to determine prospects and profitability.

Get in contact with the rightholder

Get in contact with the official publisher or developer. Purchasing wrights to publish and work on the project.

Project localization

Translate text and sound files. Voice acting by professional actors. Text adaptation.

Technical work

Create and configure game servers, develop of authorization servers and project protection systems. Setup the servers.

Alfa and Beta tests

Careful study of all the nuances of the project, test the performance and check for errors.

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The president of Group of Companies “Goldstar”

Rostovtcev Boris Gennadievich
Permanent Presindent of the Group of Companies “Goldstar”

Rostovtcev Boris Gennadievich was born in August 19, 1957 at Moscow, Russia.
He got education in the Yaroslavl Higher Financial Military School and graduated with honors. He served in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for more than 20 years. He was appointed to the post of deputy head of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation. He held a senior position in the Federal Tax Police Service. He is a Chevalier of the medal of Courage and awarded with state medals from the regional and federal authorities of the Russian Federation. He was repeatedly noted by letters of gratitude from the Moscow Mayor's Office for the great contribution to the development of small and medium businesses.

Company History

Foundation of GoldStar company

Rostovtsev Boris Gennadievich decided to found "GoldStar LTD", located in Moscow


Enter the market

Development and implementation of the electronic book “Pocketbook AZ101” based on E-Ink technology in the territory of the Russian Federation.


Expansion of the company

The company scope expensed. A team of specialists in software development gathered. The unit responsible for the development of its own software for electronic books created.


New developments

Developed a new model of the tablet computer and concluded agreements for implementation.


BPGames foundation

The leaders of the companies decided to found a Group of Companies under the umbrella of “Goldstar” Ltd. A new company, “BPGames”, was created and headed by the president of the Group of Companies. The new company field of work is game publishing in Russia and CIS. A team of employees, worked with the largest Russian game publishers such as 4games, games@mail.ru, Nikita online, was selected.